1. Preambulo

This is the second movement of the Pieces caracteristicas by Torroba.

      2. TioPepe

I composed the last section of Tío Pepe for our dear friend and teacher Jose Tomás when I was studying with him in the Canary Islands. The first few minutes is free improvisation in the style of the Carario gypsies.

      3. Prelude

This transcription was made by Maestro Segovia. It was one of the pieces I had the pleasure of playing for him in one of my lessons. World Guitar Trio


      4. Escorregando

Karin Schaupp, Carlos Barbosa-Lima and I recorded these pieces in 2001. Escorregando means something like “sliding” in Purtugese.


      5. IsThatYourFoot

This is a piece I composed while trying to remember a piece by Earl Klugh.

      6. Black Cat

I wrote this with “licks” I learned from Stevie Ray Vaughn when we were both teenagers. Stevie was in my older brother, Patrick’s band for about 15 months in the early seventies and we spent many afternoons playing guitars together.