Notable quotes:

“I have several times heard the young guitarist Christopher McGuire and consider him an artist; sensitive, with perfect technique… I am sure he will be appreciated and applauded everywhere.” -Andrés Segovia, Madríd, Spain 1981

“With my music, I completely trust his artistic sensibilities.”
Federico Moreno-Torroba, Madrid, Spain, 1980

Selected Reviews:   

“¡Magnifico!” Radio Nacional de España

“His beautiful playing was full of life and colour.”
Gendai Guitar Magazine, Tokyo, Japan  

Fascinating guitar sounds –  “A guitar is not only a guitar. In the hands of Chris McGuire it is what otherwise only a group of cooperating musicians can achieve: a body of sound. A guitar performance that fascinated all the listeners.”
(About the duo of Wiedemann and McGuire)
Then the big surprise: the Deggendorf-born guitarist Augustin Wiedemann enters the stage, enthusiastically welcomed by the fans, and it begins – a music making of two masters. Two magicians on the strings unite for one performance!” (Helmut Gärtner, Passauer Neue Presse, March 26, 2007)

“He does indeed succeed in doing it all alone, he and his guitar…
where one stops the other takes over in a continuous flow of melodious sounds.” Fort Worth Star Telegram

“The music was at once delicate, yet forceful and sophisticated…
the rich tone and sparkling interpretation he gave to the music 
showed his empathy with the spirit of the music. McGuire seemed 
at one with his instrument and the music he chose to play.” 
Anchorage Daily News

“McGuire is a pro when it comes to turning young people
into appreciative listeners of classical guitar.”

Dallas Times Herald

At the Bass Hall with the Bruce Wood Dance Company:
“Choreographer Bruce Wood added another piece to his impressive canon Monday night with the premiere of Fables of Loneliness, a ballet inspired by and including readings of the poetry of Chilean Pablo Neruda. Although the poems were the most obvious feature of Fables of Loneliness, the piece rested on a foundation of hypnotically gentle guitar music drawn from Villa-Lobos, Vivaldi and others, exquisitely performed by virtuoso Christopher McGuire.”
Wayne Lee Gay, Fort Worth Star-Telegram    

From March/April 2005 U.S. Tour for “Live on Stage” 

In March, Auburn Community Concerts Association presented another spectacular concert. Classical guitarist Christopher McGuire, student of Segovia, Romero, Tomás, and Torroba, played classical compositions by Carcassi, Villa-Lobos, Sor, Tedesco, Ponce, his mentor Federico Moreno-Torroba, and others. But most importantly, he performed the most exquisite interpretation I have ever heard of the lovely “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” by Francisco Tarrega. It would bring tears to the eyes of classical guitar music lovers anywhere.

To entertain us further, Mr. McGuire played more modern pieces – an “Oh! Susanna” such as you have never before heard, two pieces he wrote himself, and “Vincent” by McLean and arranged by John Knowles. This intriguing and beautifully played piece has been popularized by Josh Groban.

A heart-felt standing ovation was touchingly received by McGuire, who seemed a bit surprised by it, but certainly should not have been.
Ronald D. Greenwood, Perspectives Arts Magazine

Christopher McGuire’s guitar sang with beauty, emotion, and power; our full-house audience was mesmerized for two full hours, and still we wanted more.
Diane Hess, President: Josephine County Community Concert Association

“As President of the Pendleton Concert Association, I have the good fortune to meet and get to know many of the artists we invite to perform. Christopher McGuire not only delighted our audience with his skill, repertoire and presence, he also gave us the opportunity to experience his unassuming charm and delightful sense of humor.  We look forward to his return when we can once again welcome his artistic mastery and personal warmth.”
Arthur J. (Art) Hill, President, Pendleton Concert Association, Pendleton, Oregon 


(Three tracks featuring the WGT will appear on Carlos Barbosa-Lima’s newest CD on the ZOHO label. Release date: February of 2009.)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram – Review Excerpts

“It may be a small pond, but this still one whale of a fish. The World Guitar Trio – Brazilian Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Australian Karin Schaupp and Christopher McGuire of Fort Worth – made its debut at PepsiCo Recital Hall on the Texas Christian University Campus Thursday night. For classical guitar fans, this assemblage of talent on a single stage creates the same sort of excitement that the joining of the Three Tenors did for opera fans.

These guitarists are among the most accomplished and lauded in their field. Few guitarists can spin out a fluid, rolling melodic line as well as Barbosa-Lima. Schaupp is gifted with an incredibly precise technique and jaw-dropping speed and agility. McGuire is a player of great delicacy and unerring control.

They were just as impressive as their reputations led the audience to expect. We will see whether our city can stand the pressure of being the center of the universe for both classical piano and classical guitar.”
Punch Shaw, Fort Worth Star-Telegram