My goal for every student is for the guitar to be as easy to play as possible. I strive to develop a relaxed technique and a beautiful, singing sound quality. 40+ years teaching experience at all levels. In person lessons in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and online lessons available as well.

Student Testimonials Below Videos

“Studying classical guitar with Christopher McGuire was one of the best experiences of my life. His teachings greatly expanded my perception of music and the guitar, helping me to see patterns and connections that apply to all styles of music. His passion shines through in his playing and teaching, inspiring students to achieve high levels of playing, while at the same time helping them to have fun and enjoy the thrill of playing music.”
-Steven Myers
Janet L.

Chris is an excellent teacher who really emphasizes technique and mastering the basic foundations of classical guitar in order to be the best player that you can be. He is also just an outstanding human being, always giving me so much grace and encouragement whenever I do a great job following his instruction and end up playing a piece beautifully. Part of being his student is getting to learn from someone with lots of experience and wisdom playing guitar, but the other part is simply getting to know him as a person. Getting both is very special. I would highly recommend him to anyone!  

Riley W.
Chris is an outstanding teacher for me. He has the right amount of discipline, encouragement, and empathy to propel me forward to meet my goals. I haven’t played for 20 years and have issues with arthritis. I hope to give my first performance after just a few months with Chris  

Korbin B.
Chris started teaching me to help me get into a art magnet high school. I stuck with him for another 3-4 years after I got into that school and he has helped me be the guitar player I am today. He is an excellent teacher that understands how each individual student likes to be taught, and I feel like that is more important with classical guitar than any other style of guitar playing. With that, he also becomes a friend. He’s a cool guy with a good sense of humor and he’s very easy to talk to. You won’t regret learning form this man if you decide to have him as a teacher. You can incorporate everything he teaches into every style of guitar playing.  

Robert T.
Not only is Chris a world-class player, he has a truly positive approach to teaching. He is able to motivate students with enthusiasm and constructive feedback, which is extremely valuable with artists of any age.  

Mark S.
Our 18-year-old son has been privileged in taking lessons from Chris McGuire for approximately five years now. Chris is indeed an enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable instructor. He is a gifted professional, committed mentor, caring/thoughtful, patient, and a reliable resource in guitar.
Over the course of years with Chris, we have seen our son transform into a confident guitarist. Chris has truly made a huge impact in our lives. He went above and beyond, and guided our son in earning music scholarships from several universities. We are fortunate to have him in our lives, and incredibly grateful for everything he has done for our family. He is the cream of the crop of guitar instructors!
We are eternally grateful to you, Mr. McGuire!

Jonathan B.
Mr. McGuire knows his art very well and has the ability to connect with you as a student. He made a great assessment of where I was at with my playing and has been able to help me to better understand my connection to the guitar and music in general. His ability to explain and describe concepts and techniques is proficient and easy to resonate with. It also is a pleasure to work with him as he is very interested in making a good experience for the student and seems to care about his students in general. He also draws from a long career of both teaching and performing as well as influences from many of the most accomplished concert guitarists of the last 50 years. His instruction has been of great help to me and I look forward to continuing lessons with him.

Kim L.
My son has had wonderful private guitar lessons with Christopher. He is a master of classical guitar performance here in our North Texas area, who still leaves room in his schedule to teach the next generation of guitarists. His approach to teaching is centered on conveying the most natural posture for ease of technique. He very patiently repeats key points as many times as needed for the student to understand. Our North Texas community is lucky to have such a talent who also loves to teach.
Chase B.
If you are looking to learn classical guitar Christipher McGuire with Allegro Guitar Society is the person to choose. I speak as the dad that took his kid every week beginning when my son was in 7th grade through HS graduation. He takes the time while teaching to really get to know his students. He is someone who I can say truly cares. Chris takes all his years of experience and works with the student to pass on that knowledge. I passed many students over the years from young to adult. They all like my son love being his students. The technique and skills you learn will be with you for life making you a better player no matter what you might also play. Chris has been a student of classical classical guitar, became a masterful player, and in my opinion is a masterful teacher.  

John H.
Christopher is a great Instructor. He’s exceptionally knowledgeable and able to teach complex subject matter in a user-friendly manner. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their playing.  

Nathaniel E.
Professor McGuire has been one of the very best teachers Ive been fortunate to study with. His passion and vast knowledge for the guitar is evident in every lesson. McGuire models his teaching specifically for each student. I left every lesson inspired with a better understanding of music and with a clear goal and understanding of what I needed to do to progress as a musician and guitarist. I highly recommend Professor McGuire to anyone of any level who wishes to improve, and have a teacher who will give them a thoughtful, helpful, and inspiring lesson every time.